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13 april

Thirty people completed training under program of high-speed rail line traffic in Russia

In the Russian-German Institute of the Moscow State University of Railway Transport (MIIT), as part of the European Union project TEMPUS, two target groups have successfully completed the supplementary vocational education program "Training in the field of infrastructure and operation of high-speed rail line traffic in Russia.

In the period from 6 to 11 April 2017, the protection of certification graduation works was held in the commission under the chairmanship of the Chief Engineer of the project of High-Speed Rail Lines Vladimir Andreev.

The program was attended by 15 employees of Russian Railways and 15 students of the 5th year of the MIIT of the specialties "Electric transport of railways", "Automation and telemechanics in railway transport", "Telecommunication networks and railway transport systems", "Electricity supply of railways", "Operation Railways".

During the academic year 2016/2017, the students mastered 9 general and 7 operational disciplines out of 23 developed by a consortium of university teachers and specialists from the five participating countries of the project: France, Poland, Latvia, Russia and Ukraine. They attended lectures by MIIT teachers, and took part in the "round tables ", organized with the participation of leading experts from Siemens, Alstom, High-Speed Rail Lines and the Directorate of high-speed communication, which is a branch of Russian Railways.

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