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30 march

Joint meeting of HSR Expert Council and the Union of Railways Constructors is held in Moscow

On March 30, an open joint meeting of the Working group "Construction" of the Expert Council on technical policy in the design, construction and operation of the high-speed rail line (HSR) in the Russian Federation and the Union of Railway Constructors was held in Moscow.

The meeting was attended by Boris Levin, Chairman of the Expert Council, Rector of Moscow State University of Railway Engineering (MIIT), Professor, Doctor of Technical Sciences; Gennady Talashkin, President of Siberian Railway, Deputy Chairman of the Expert Council, Head of the Working Group "Construction", Ph.D. Sergey Kiselev, Deputy General Director, High-Speed Rail Lines; Alexander Dyatchin, General Director of MOSGIPROTRANS; Piotr Bubnov, Chief Engineer of SU-308, as well as scientists, experts from construction organizations, suppliers of construction materials, structures and products.

During the meeting, the participants conducted a comprehensive analysis of the accepted technological and design solutions for the Moscow-Kazan HSR, discussed the project for the construction of a section of the HSR from the Zheleznodorozhny station to the Nizhny Novgorod station, construction of artificial structures, pricing and the project's regulatory and technical base.

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