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14 april

Representatives of High-Speed Rail Lines take part in IV International Forum of Investors and Transport Infrastructure Operators

April 12-14 in Sochi, the IV International Forum of investors and transport infrastructure operators was held. Russian banks, construction, investment and insurance companies, pension funds, as well as foreign investors attended the forum.

First Deputy General Director Fedor Lychagin headed the delegation of High-Speed Rail Lines.

During the forum, the participants discussed the development of the public-private partnership market (PPP) in transport, implemented and promising projects in the Russian Federation, assessed the current state of the PPP market in the road infrastructure, the investment climate, the availability of investment and budgetary funding.

As part of the plenary session "The PPP market in transport: is it necessary to reboot?” Fedor Lychagin discussed the issues of interaction between business and government. During the discussion, it was noted that the level of the dialogue between the state and business is in line with investors' expectations. The focus of the speakers was new financing mechanisms and key risks of infrastructure projects.

Deputy Governor of Krasnodar Region Andrey Alekseenko, Deputy Chairman of the Board for Investment Policy and Corporate Development of Avtodor Group Alexander Nosov, Member of the Board of the Association of European Businesses Philippe Pégorie, Managing Director of Gazprombank Pavel Brousser and others took part in the session.

"You cannot build a good infrastructure for cheap. Implementation of infrastructure projects in the Russian Federation and, in particular, in the Krasnodar Territory is difficult to implement without the use of PPP mechanisms," said Alexander Nosov.

Fedor Lychagin in his speech stressed that the government receives much more from the implementation of many infrastructure projects than the investor does. This applies, among other things, to the project of the Moscow-Kazan HSR.

"The driving force of the HSR project should be, first of all, the regions, as the main effects from the implementation of this project will be formed exactly there," he summed up.

We recall that on September 11, 2014, the Association of Russian Subjects and Cities was established, linked by a network of high-speed traffic. The Association is called to unite the heads of regions of the Russian Federation and municipalities, leaders of regional public organizations, representatives of the regional business community, heads of industrial and regional branches of the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, as well as members of regional and territorial CCIs and regional youth organizations for developing a unified policy for the implementation of high-speed rail line construction projects, promotion of HSR projects among the population, generalization of the practice of solving problem issues arising during the implementation of the HSR projects.

Also, First Deputy General Director of High-Speed Rail Lines took part in the expert discussion "10 years of the PPP market in the transport sector: whether expectations have been met?". The facilitator of the discussion was Alexey Romanenko, Partner, head of practice for work with infrastructure and transport companies of KPMG in Russia and the CIS. The issues of investment appeal of Russian PPP projects, new financial instruments of PPP, tools to increase the financial attractiveness of projects at the implementation stage, as well as currency risks and restrictions on foreign investors' access to the domestic market were discussed by Mete Demir, the head of the ICA Construction branch in Russia, Sergey Romashov and Deputy Chairman of the EDB Board Konstantin Limitovsky.

IV International Forum of Investors and Transport Infrastructure Operators has been organized by the State Company Avtodor. The forum is a platform for an open discussion of the most pressing issues of the transport industry, the prospects for the Russian market of investments in transport infrastructure and the strengthening of mutual understanding between representatives of the government and the business community. It is attended by Russian and foreign experts.

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