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13 march

High-Speed Rail Lines for RZD to be designed by Russian Federal Nuclear Center

The Center’s Director Valentin Kostyukov stated that the Russian Federal Nuclear Center in Sarov would participate in the development of safe high-speed rail lines for RZD. “In the nearest future, RZD and the Center will sign a program regarding our participation in the work on high-speed transport,” added Mr. Kostyukov. The date of signing was not specified, however, he noted that in April Vladimir Yakunin was expected to visit the Nuclear Center and discuss the program signing. The Center will participate in the project of creation of almost 4K km of high-speed railways. The project will require modernization of the existing networks to adapt them to high-speed rail lines (ca 7.5K km) in order to enable trains to be operated at a speed of up to 200 km/h. In addition to development of safe rail lines and trains, the researchers will put their efforts into the methods of diagnostics applicable to railway infrastructure and rolling stock. There is ongoing work in some of these areas, according to the press service.

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