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04 june

Consortium of companies designing Moscow - Kazan HSR sign declaration on adherence to principles of partnership and good faith

JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines,” a subsidiary of JSCo “RZD,” and a consortium of companies designing the Moscow — Kazan high-speed rail line (HSR) with participation of JSC Mosgiprotrans, JSC Nizhegorodmetroproject and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd signed a declaration on adherence to the principles of partnership and good faith in project implementation. The signing took place during the 10th International Railway Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” in Sochi. The declaration points out the necessity for creation of a HSR network in Russia and strategic significance and relevance of prompt construction of its first section Moscow — Vladimir — Nizhny Novgorod — Cheboksary — Kazan. The document sets forth the principles of partnership and good faith to be adhered to by the parties at conclusion and performance of the agreement on development of design documentation for construction of the Moscow — Kazan section of the Moscow — Kazan — Yekaterinburg high-speed rail line. The design agreement between JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines” and the consortium of designers will be signed during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum to be held on June 18-20. The basis for agreement signing is the decision of the tender committee of JSCo “RZD” (Minutes No. 324 of the tender committee dd. April 29, 2015) and General Agreement No. 1496463 on preparation and management of HSR projects dd. May 28, 2015 entered into by JSCo “RZD” and JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines.” The timeline for performance of work is 2015-2016, the price of the agreement on work performance will equal 20 bn rubles. ***** The Russian-Chinese consortium with participation of JSC Mosgiprotrans, JSC Nizhegorodmetroproject and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ld was selected as the winner of the tender for designing of the Moscow — Kazan HSR as the most advanced professional association incorporating a long-term experience and successful practices of implementation of large infrastructural projects, including those pertaining to development of high-speed and rapid railway service. Rail-line construction will begin after completion of design activities and approval of design documentation and will be followed by commissioning. The length of the Moscow — Kazan HSR will be 770 km; it will span 7 constituent entities of Russia, with 15 stops: 5 in major cities (Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, and Kazan) and 10 regional cities. This will allow connecting to the rail line regions with the population of ca 25M people, offering a one-hour connection between cities. Annual passenger traffic along the line during the first years of operation is estimated at 10.5M people.

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