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04 june

On June 4, Declaration on accession to Association of Constituent Entities and Cities of Russia connected by high-speed network

The declaration was signed during the 10th International Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership” by Acting Mayor of Nizhny Novgorod E. I.  Solonchenko, Head of the Executive Committee of the city of Kazan D. G.  Kalinkin, Mayor of Sochi A. N.  Pakhomov, Deputy Mayor of Krasnodar V. P.  Bondar, and deputy head of the Administration of the city of Cheboksary M. L.  Semenov. The signatories confirmed their intention to join the Association for the purpose of generalization of practices pertaining to issues arising in the course of implementation of HSR projects, provision of assistance to the Association’s members in their interaction with public authorities, promotion of HSR projects, and preparation of recommendations regarding establishment and daily operations of HSR regional information centers, etc.

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