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18 june

Agreement on designing of Moscow - Kazan HSR signed

JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines,” a subsidiary of JSCo “RZD,” and the consortium of companies designing the Moscow — Kazan high-speed rail line (HSR) with participation of JSC Mosgiprotrans, JSC Nizhegorodmetroproject and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ltd signed an agreement on development of design documentation for construction of the Moscow — Kazan section of the Moscow — Kazan — Yekaterinburg high-speed rail line. The signing took place in St. Petersburg during the 2nd meeting of the Intergovernmental Russian-Chinese Committee for Investment Cooperation chaired by First Deputy Prime Minister of RF Igor Shuvalov and Vice Premier of the State Council of the PRC Zhang Gaoli. The basis for agreement signing is the decision of the tender committee of JSCo “RZD” (Minutes No. 324 of the tender committee dd. April 29, 2015) and General Agreement No. 1496463 on preparation and management of HSR projects dd. May 28, 2015 entered into by JSCo “RZD” and JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines.” The timeline for performance of work under the agreement is 2015-2016, the price of the agreement is 20 bn rubles. Complex engineering surveys along the Moscow — Vladimir — Nizhny Novgorod — Cheboksary — Kazan rail line will be performed during performance of activities under the agreement, the area planning design and the area demarcation plan will be devised and approved, design documentation with specific construction stages will be prepared. The developed design documentation will be subject to an expert evaluation by FAU Glavgosexpertiza of Russia conducted according to established procedures and a financial and technical audit. Activities and duties within the consortium will be distributed with account taken of the advantages and expertise of each participant in the area of design of large-scale transport sites, primarily high-speed railways. Engineering surveys along the entire Moscow — Kazan section will be performed by the Russian participants of the consortium; the Chinese partners will be engaged as consultants providing assistance with survey work (optimization of the designed line in terms of its conformity to the requirements to safety and comfort of passengers, participation in designing of crucial infrastructural subsystems and their elements). ***** The Chinese-Russian consortium with participation of JSC Mosgiprotrans, JSC Nizhegorodmetroproject and China Railway Eryuan Engineering Group Co. Ld was selected as the winner of the tender for designing the Moscow — Kazan HSR as the most advanced professional association incorporating a long-term experience and successful practices of implementation of large infrastructural projects, including those pertaining to development of high-speed and rapid railway service. JSC Mosgiprotrans and JSC Nizhegorodmetroproject have extensive experience in designing transport facilities in the Russian territory, thorough knowledge of the national legal and technical framework, requirements of RF laws in the area of transport design and construction, local limitations, weather conditions of construction, and operational features. ChinaRailwayEryuanEngineeringGroupCo. Ltd has extensive experience in designing high-speed railways in China and vast knowledge in this field and utilizes the world’s advanced technologies and proven design solutions. Rail-line construction will begin after completion of design activities and approval of design documentation and will be followed by commissioning. The length of the Moscow — Kazan HSR will be 770 km; it will span 7 constituent entities of Russia, with 15 stops: 5 in major cities (Moscow, Vladimir, Nizhny Novgorod, Cheboksary, and Kazan) and 10 regional cities. The rail line will connect regions with the population of ca 25M people, offering a one-hour connection between cities. Annual passenger traffic along the line during the first years of operation is estimated at 10.5M people.

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