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19 june

RF Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov believes that Moscow - Kazan HSR can aspire to funding from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank

According to TASS, during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, RF Minister of Transport Maxim Sokolov said that a number of RF transport projects can apply for funding from the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. “The Ministry’s team together with the Federation’s constituent entities is ready to prepare at a competent and efficient level a sufficient number of projects in order to aspire to a third and even a half of those funds in the long-term up to 2020,” he said. Among the projects that could receive the bank’s funding Sokolov named the Moscow — Kazan HSR project and the project of the Europe — West China transport corridor. “Additionally, development of railway infrastructure; here, probably, an exciting project is the project of construction of a logistics center in Chelyabinsk Region for handling cargos transported from West China across Russia to European countries,” stated the Minister.

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