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02 june

General Director of High-Speed Rail Line takes part in SPIEF’17 discussions

On Thursday, June 1, 2017, Alexander Misharin, General Director of High-Speed Rail Line, spoke at three sessions of the SPIEF’17, which were connected with the development of high-speed transportation and international transport corridors.
The session BRICS: Boosting Economic Cooperation was devoted to coordination of joint work of the member countries of this organization, problems and their solutions interacting, in particular, in the field of transport.
"Together with our Chinese colleagues, we are implementing a project to develop high-speed traffic, which has turned not just into the implementation of the concept of the Silk Road and Moscow-Beijing idea, but also gradually into a project under the conditional name Eurasia, which involves joining the largest high-speed systems of Europe and Asia", said Alexander Misharin.
At the roundtable Russia-Serbia: Prospects for Economic Cooperation, issues of current and future cooperation between the two countries were discussed. The subsidiary company of Russian Railways, RZD International, has been implementing the Contract for the Construction and Renovation of Railway Infrastructure and the Supply of Diesel Trains since 2014.
At the panel session The Changing Economics of Transportation and Logistics speakers highlighted several important trends of recent times: the growth of e-commerce as driving force of cargo transportation, the growth in demand for high-speed passenger traffic and request for increased mobility of the population.
The emerging technologies in the construction and design were not spared. "Today we are talking about the construction of new facilities, new railways. In my opinion, it is extremely interesting to use BIM-technologies, which give us a potential opportunity, from the first stage of design, to make a model, and to go with it until the last day of operation, accompanying all these processes", Alexander Misharin.
The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov attended the session as well.
On Friday, the delegation of High-Speed Rail Lines continued its work at the SPIEF’17. Alexander Misharin took part in the panel session The Future Being Born Today: Integration and Infrastructure Projects in Eurasia.

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