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19 may

PRC will champion a right to build the railroad in USA

USA holds a HSR network building tender. The network will involve 15 states. Chinese companies are intended to win the tender. According to American officials it is entirely possible.

American administration is intended to slightly change the railroad service of the country. Eventually, the accessibility of new districts has to increase as well as the efficiency of current lines operation. USA Government has appropriated $10 billions for this purpose $6 of which are reserved for railroad projects.

We recall that the first consignment of high-speed expresses with the maximal speed of 200 kmh were put into operation in the Heavenly Empire in 2007. And by the end of 2010 the extension of high-speed lines in the country already were 8 358 km. It is more than 30% of all such railroads in the World. In such a way China is a World leader in this figure.

The Heavenly Empire continues to develop its network of high-speed railways. At present 17 000 km of railroad conduit are in construction phase. In 2011 high-speed trunks will be opened between Beijing an Shanghai as well as between Chinese capital and Wuhan and Harbin cities.

In 2012 the extension of railways in China will reach 110 000 km where 13 000 km will account for high-speed lines.

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