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18 march

HSR. Starting specific step

March 17. Members of the HSR 2 building work group (Ekaterinburg — Kazan — Nizhniy Novgorod high-speed railway trunk) reported subtotal of the realization of the set task to the governor Alexandr Misharin.

For the present moment the procedural and institutional plan of the project realization is developed, the preliminaries for the project company HSR 2 are taken.

On this session different versions of the procedural and institutional model of the HSR project realization and the budget of the project company has been discussed as well as top priority measures have been defined. The HSR 2 project work group includes: the Vice Prime Minister and the Minister of the Sverdlovsk region Government Property Management Vitaly Nedelsky, the regional Minister of Transport and Road Facilities Gennadiy Marenkov and the Director of the Middle Ural Development Corporation Sergey Filippov.

From the beginning of the HSR 2 idea realization all members of the project was agreed that it should be realized on the principle of a Lifetime Cycle Contract. However, there is still no final decision what  procedural and institutional model it will have. There are several versions — from a federal from of realization to a regional one. On a regional level each subject can build it own district of the railway within an integrated project. It also possible to unite and realize the consolidated project cooperatively through the defining of a company which will function as a coordinator of group action. Confabulators discussed advantages and disadvantages of each version.

The global experience can help to define the optimal way. Sergey Zamyatin, the Chief representative of the Deutsche Bahn AG in Russia spoke on the meeting. He told about HSR realization practice in Germany.

There are 14 000 km of high-speed railways in the World. By next 10 years HSR will make the third of all railways. And it's not an accident. The practice of using such kind of transportation shows considerable advantage of HSR. It is sustainability, energy efficiency and the cut of travel time. In the whole World passengers usually choose railways to travel on a medium-long range. For example, in Spain the increase of ridership became 425% after launch of the HSR on the Madrid — Seville district (it is comparable in extension with the HSR 2 planned district Ekaterinburg — Kazan).

One more important advantage of HSR is that a trunk is available not only for ridership but also for freight traffic. Germany also has such experience: they move freights through the HSR with a speed of 160 kmh.

We should note that today biggest companies in several countries pay attention to the Kazan — Moscow trunk both from investment perspective and in terms of building and operating. However, no definite decisions on this subject have been made yet.

— The building of a high-speed trunk undoubtedly has a high economic and social significance not only for our region but for the whole Russia, — Alexandr Misharin noted. — Single ruble invested in the building of HSR brings 3 rubles to the budget. The project has been discussed for a long time and now it's time to make specific steps on its realization.

This topic will be one of subjects of the discussion during the Sverdlovsk region Governor Alexandr Mishanin and the President of Tatarstan Rustam Minnikhanov meeting in the course of  the Sverdlovsk delegation visit to this republic.

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