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22 february

The volume of passenger traffic along China’s high-speed rail lines tops 600 mln

The general volume of passenger transportation along China’s high-speed rail line tops 600 mln, said the PRC deputy minister of railroads Lu Chunfan.

According to him from April 2007 when the service on rapid transit railways (RTR) in China started, the country has the continuous growth of ridership on them. In 2007 — 2010 daily average volume of passenger transportation reached 237K, 349K, 492K and 796K people, respectively.

By the end of 2010 the general extension of operating rapid railroads in China reached 4 674 km which includes RTR with the speed up to 350 kmh including rapid lines Beijing — Tianjin, Wuhan — Guangzhou, Zhengzhou — Xian, Shanghai — Nanjing and Shanghai — Hangzhou is 2 197 km. 

Beijing — Shanghai RTR is initially estimated to be put into operation in June of current year, Xinhua reports. 


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