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04 may

From Catalonia to France on a high-speed train

The high-speed railway service between Figueras city (Costa Brava) and France has been launched. 

This summer vacationers in Costa Brava (Gerona province) can make a trip to the south of France or to Paris. The high-speed railway service between Figueras city on the popular among tourists Costa Brava shore and France has been launched.

Henceforth, a travel from Figueras to Paris spends 5 hours and 27 minutes with arrival to the Gare de Lyon termini in the French capital. Trains start from new railway termini of Figueras — Bilafant in 1 km from the city historical center. The route is supplied with French SNCF rolling stock.

For the present trains reach the highest speed on France territory, on Nimes — Paris district. Nevertheless, it is suggested that the speed of rolling stock on Spain territory will raise to 300 kmh in near future and the high-speed line will be extended to Barcelona where the building of the special intermodal railway terminal Sagrera is going on. 

For the nonce it is possible to get to Paris from Barcelona with the stop in Figueras where the transfer from a conventional to a high-speed train follows. At present general travel time between Barcelona and Paris is 7 hours and 25 minutes. It is 1 hour and 15 minutes less than before the launch of Figueras — France border railway district, the Moscow office of the Catalonia Tourism department reports.

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