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30 may

V. Putin gave orders to create a road condition monitoring system

Russia plans to create a road condition monitoring system. The  Russian Federation Prime Minister Vladimir Putin gave respective orders to the Ministry of Transport on a meeting dedicated to the problem of enhancement of roads building and exploitation efficiency.

“I instruct the Ministry of Transport to make offers of creation of roads conditions complex monitoring, which includes using of GLONASS system”, — the Prime Minister stated.

According to V. Putin the Russian Federation government is also eager to slip to a life cycle contract. As the Prime Minister explained, this refers to the implementation of long-term contracts for building and further exploitation of roads for a period of up to 30 years. A contractor builds a road expensing his own and attracted assets and then completely reply for its maintenance, and the government pays for this work with equal-sized payments during the whole operating time of the contract.

“It must eradicate the psychology of temporary workers in road building because in this case companies themselves are interested in a solid and durable construction to spend less money on maintenance later on”, — V. Putin stated.

The Prime Minister also appealed to improve procedures of building and maintenance orders placement. “The best contractors must be selected who not only offer better conditions but also have a required production base, technologies and credit on the market”, — said V. Putin.

According to the Prime Minister forecast federal and regional funds will accumulate more than 8 trn rubles by 2020. According to his words the government plans to collect 4.5 trn rubles in the Federal Road Fund. 2.7 trn rubles from this sum, as expected, will be spent on building and reconstruction of roads and 2.8 trn rubles — on repair and maintenance. Total volume of regional road funds will be approximately 3.9 trn rubles, — V. Putin added.

The Prime Minister also said that 18 000 km of roads must be built by 2020 only as a part of federal projects.

Source: «RBC»

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