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05 july

On board China«s new high-speed Beijing to Shanghai train

The sleek white and blue train dubbed "Harmony" can travel at 186mph and is the latest addition to China's high-speed rail network.

With its fully reclining airline-style business class seats, the landmark Beijing-Shanghai express opening later this week will coincide with the 90th anniversary of the founding of the ruling Communist Party.

The train will cut travel time in half on the 820-mile route between the two cities to take less than five hours.

The communist government has been investing huge amounts of money to build up thousands of miles of high speed rail network connecting most of the country's far-flung inland cities to well-developed eastern corridor.

He Huawu, the chief engineer of the Chinese Railway Ministry said China was in leading the world in the industry.

"Countries that are currently building high speed railways can draw on the experience of China, such as its standards, construction ability and integration methods. The United States is also building its high speed railway network. We have signed the deal with them," he said.

The route is designed to carry 80 million passengers a year, and should provide stiff competition for the airlines on a lucrative route notorious in the business community for its weather and air traffic delays.

Passengers will be able to ride the new line starting a day before the July 1 Communist Party anniversary.

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