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25 june

The Moscow-Kazan HSL was supported at the Parliament hearings in the State Duma

Parliament hearings dedicated to the topic of "Creation of the high-speed and speed rail service network as the key element of the Russian economy growth" were held in the State Duma. The participants to the hearings supported the need of speedy implementation of the pilot project of high-speed passenger service in Russia on the Moscow-Vladimir-Nizhniy Novgorod-Cheboksary-Kazan link.

"The global experience demonstrates that high-speed railways bring about not only an essential improvement of the transport availability and rise in the quality of life, but also serious investments in modernization of the economy, employment of modern technologies and creation of new high-technology jobs. This is certainly a contribution to the additional growth of the gross domestic product", stated the First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Alexander Zhukov during his speech.

The participants to the hearings noted that the President of Russian Vladimir Putin supported the idea of using the state reserve savings funds, in particular, the National Wealth Fund, for implementation of large investment projects. The project of creation of high-speed railway service between Moscow and Kazan was mentioned as one of such projects.

"Nearly all developed countries implement high-speed railway service programs. Railway transportation is the most environment-friendly, affordable and safe mode of transport", noticed the President of RZD JSC Vladimir Yakunin.

The new high-speed railroad will link the two largest metropolitan areas of the Central, Privolzhsky federal districts and the Urals federal district in the future, and will offer an opportunity to travel between the cities in 1-1.5 hours. In addition to daytime high-speed trains with travel speed from 200 to 400 kmph and fares from 1 to 10 RUB per km, the traffic of express trains running at 140-200 kmph will be arranged on the new main lines. Besides a system of express routes will be integrated with the high-speed service system, that will connect the HSL link with the neighboring regional centers. The released capacities of the existing rail tracks will be involved in increasing the volumes of suburban service and freight traffic volumes.

"Separation of railroad service into passenger and freight service will allow for saving over RUB 460 bn associated with development of freight traffic directions. There is an issue associated with the throughput capacity of the railroad infrastructure today, and this approach will allow for a reduction of the bottlenecks along the distance of 2,400 kilometers. This is a matter of overwhelming importance for the arrangement of freight traffic across the entire territory of Russian Federation", added Vladimir Yakunin.

The Delegates of the State Duma noted that aside from consolidation of the entire scientific, engineering, economic potential of Russia, employment of the best practices of foreign countries, the implementation of the HSL projects also required refinement of the applicable laws. The mentioned legislative initiatives that must be accepted in the nearest future included the regulations on reservation of lands for the HSL project, preparation of rational taxation schemes for the similar projects and their financing with the participation of budget funding at various level and that of the private business.

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