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25 june

On June 26 a delegation from RZD JSC headed by the Director General of Skorostnye Magistrali JSC, Mr. A.S.Misharin, visited the city of Paris

On June 26 a delegation from RZD JSC headed by the Director General of Skorostnye Magistrali JSC Mr. A. S. Misharin visited the city of Paris with the purpose of conducting negotiations with the managers of French companies regarding the matters of technology and economy of high-speed rail links.

The mission included negotiations with the members of the consortium of SNCF, Boyugues, Alstom, Systra, Colas, which featured discussion of French best practices in constructing and operating high-speed rail links (HSL), the rolling stock, as well as the future considerations of high-speed rail service in Russia, in particular the construction of the Moscow-Kazan HSL section.
Besides, the delegation from RZD JSC visited the office of Alstom Transport where a 3D train modeling system was presented, which is essential to be able to eliminate any possible weaknesses and backlogs in the project prior to production startup.

The delegation from RZD JSC visited the Poitier-Bordeaux high-speed link that is currently under construction, where representatives of COSEA did their presentations during which they described the methodologies of construction works and instrumentation, as well as the special aspects of technical maintenance and operation, and the particularities of the private-public partnership. The event featured a demonstration of a number of facilities, as well as of new solutions for the construction of high-speed rail links, which allow for cost-cutting and reducing the negative effect, in particular on motor ways.

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