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31 july

On July 31, 2013 a meeting dedicated to development of high-speed rail service under the supervision of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was held.

On July 31, 2013 a meeting dedicated to development of high-speed rail service under the supervision of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin was held. The main topic of the meeting was discussion of the parameters and the outlook of development of the Moscow-Kazan high-speed link.

In his opening speech Vladimir Putin stated that today's key objective is the organization of financing of the project and development of a clear organizational and legal scheme for its implementation. "Besides, it's already today that we need to forecast both the volumes of passenger traffic on the Moscow-Kazan link with utmost precision, assess its potential load and reason out an efficient and flexible pricing policy that would ensure competitive and affordable prices for the tickets", the President said. He also added that all these issues have to be resolved in the soonest possible time, in order to "be able to include the respective funding in the project of the federal budget for the next year and the target period". Vladimir Putin also raised the issue of the soonest reservation of lands on which the rail link will run, as the one of priority. 'Skorostnye Magistrali' JSC, with Alexander Misharin in its head, is already working on that front: a draft law regulating tax and land issues arising in the course of implementation of the High-Speed Link projects, is under development; an option of reservation of lands for up to 5-year terms is being worked through at the level of special workgroups established in the regions.

The Minister of Transport of the Russian Federation Maxim Sokolov told the attendees of the meeting about the stages of the Moscow-Kazan High-Speed Link project. According to him, in August 2013 the pre-investment feasibility study shall be completed, in autumn the link design tender shall be held, and in spring 2014 the project investment memorandum shall be approved. It is expected that the link design and construction site preparation works will be completed by December 2014, and the construction itself will be executed throughout 2015-2018. As to the project financing scheme, according to M. Sokolov, the current project provides for raising state funds in the amount of RUB 649 bn (thereof BN 150 bn to be funded by the National Wealth Fund and RUB 81 bn to be granted from the budget, RUB 139 bn to be raised from bond issues and from pension savings for a 30-year term) and RUB 288 bn of private investments.

The President of RZD JSC Vladimir Yakunin stated that the pilot project of development of high-speed Russian transportation service, the Moscow-Kazan High-Speed Link, was supported by all constituent entities of Russian Federation.

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