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13 january

D.A. Medvedev approved network action plan for implementation of Moscow - Kazan high-speed rail line construction project

On January 13 of 2016, Chairman of the Government of the Russian Federation D. A.   Medvedev approved a network action plan for the implementation of the Moscow — Kazan high-speed rail line construction project. According to the approved document, in 2016-2021, a number of objectives related to the project implementation are to be achieved, including determination of an organizational and financial model of the project (2016), performance of activities involving engineering surveys, development of a land-use plan, area demarcation plan, and design documents of the project (2016), performance of activities necessary for withdrawal and allocation of land plots for construction of facilities within the framework of the project (2016 — 2020), arrangement and performance of construction and installation works under the project (2017-2021). Additionally, a tender for delivery of high-speed rolling stock manufactured with a targeted localization degree of 70-80% will be held in 2016. Production of high-speed rolling stock in the Russian Federation is slated for 2019. Implementation of the project will require a number of changes to the legislation, including related to determination of the procedures for obtainment of construction permits, preparation of the territory, performance of preparatory activities, withdrawal of land, and creation of conditions for development of high-speed rail service. Additionally, a lot of effort will be put into training of personnel for the high-speed rail transport by 2020. As early as November of 2016, the Russian Federation’s Government must obtain a program on training of personnel for high-speed rail transport. D. A.  Medvedev instructed the executive agencies responsible for fulfillment of appropriate provisions of the network action plan approved by this order to ensure its fulfillment within a given time frame.

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