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09 february

The HSR sections Kazan - Adler and Moscow - Rostov-on-Don - Adler are included in the RF territorial planning scheme.

The territorial planning scheme of the Russian Federation in the federal transport sector approved by the Russian Federation Government’s order No. 384-r dd. March 19, 2013 has incorporated information on the location and main characteristics of the Kazan — Yekaterinburg section of the Moscow — Kazan — Yekaterinburg HSR and the Moscow — Rostov-on-Don — Adler HSR. The order was prepared by the Russian Ministry of Transport according to the Transport Strategy of the Russian Federation for a Period until 2030 and the Long-Term Forecast for the Socioeconomic Development of the Russian Federation up to 2030. The projected length of the Kazan — Yekaterinburg HSR is 766 km, the Moscow — Kazan — Yekaterinburg HSR — 1,525 km. These sections will have renovated and newly built railway stations, stations, interstations with gridiron of tracks, newly built lateral railways with rapid traffic service, as well as reconstructed elements of the infrastructure of the existing railway line along the Tuapse — Adler section of the North-Caucasian Railway.

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