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25 march

Meeting of design office of Moscow - Kazan HSR on contact system of rail line held in Moscow

On March 25, 2016, a broadened meeting of the design office of the investment project “Construction of the Moscow — Kazan High-Speed Rail Line” dedicated to the topic “Consideration of Circuitry and Constructive Solutions for the Contact System of the Moscow — Kazan HSR” was held in Moscow. The meeting was attended by First Vice President of JSCo RZD and CEO of JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines” Alexander Misharin, Senior Vice President and Chief Engineer of JSCo RZD Valentin Gapanovich, Vice President of JSCo RZD Oleg Toni and executives and specialists from Russia, China and France. In the course of the work of the design office, Director General of JSC Mosgiprotrans Alexander Dyatchin spoke about the main design solutions for the contact system of the Moscow — Kazan HSR and proposed a few changes to the STU draft (special technical requirements). Deputy chief engineer of electrification of Chinese corporation CREEC Zhou Xiang offered proposals in respect of the design of the contact system with account for the design experience of the PRC. Reports were delivered by Julien Rodger, senior contact system expert from SYSTRA, chairman of the working group on the power supply of the expert board on the HSR technical policy, professor of PGUPS Anatoly Burkov, Chief Engineer of the Electrification and Power Supply Administration of Central Infrastructure Directorate Eduard Shornikov, and Deputy Director General of VNIIZhT Alexander Kosarev.

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