«High-speed Railway»
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29 september

Representatives of JSC «High-Speed Rail Lines» held meetings within the framework of InnoTrans 2016

Deputy Director General of JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines”  Sergey Kiselev and Chief Engineer of JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines”  Vladimir Andreyev took part in the International Exhibition of Transport Technologies, Innovations and Rolling Stock InnoTrans 2016, held a number of meetings with representatives of the business community and discussed the matters of construction of facilities for transport and infrastructure in the railway sector, as well as with representatives of Germany’s government authorities on the matters of development on bilateral relations in the area of development of rapid and high-speed traffic in Russia. Of practical interest to the Moscow — Kazan HSR project were new products developed by Siemens AG in the area of mobility and introduction of digital innovative solutions ensuring population mobility. The company showcased modern solutions in the area of communications that call for utilization of the possibilities of the Internet and entertainment services, engagement of systems of video surveillance and notification about movement of passengers en route, and coordination of services of mixed traffic. Of special interest to the project was the technology developed by GHH-BONATRANS and induction tempering of a wheel set axle for rapid and high-speed rolling stock. This technology makes it possible to increase safety and reliability, as well as significantly reduce the cost of a life cycle. During the working tour, representatives of JSC “High-Speed Rail Lines” got acquainted with the new products by other companies operating in the area of railway construction and technologies of rolling stock manufacturing. “Through its products the business community expresses its strong interest in participation in the Moscow — Kazan HSR project. During business meetings held at the exhibition, we achieved a few agreements that are likely to be considered by the science community of the project for their utilization in the rapid and high-speed rolling stock operated in the Russian territory,” this is how Vladimir Andreyev summed up the results of the exhibition.

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