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02 december

China and Russia plan a JV to localise production of HSR trains and equipment

Chinese CNR and High-Speed Rail Lines (Russian Railways' subsidiary) agreed to set up a JV to localise production of trains and equipment for a high-speed railway line (HSR), informs China News Agency. According to the media, the two companies confirmed their cooperation intent at the 5th session of the HSR Task Group held recently in Moscow. During the meeting, the parties shared opinions on specifications of HSR infrastructure elements and structures production localisation, number of orders and establishment of JVs in Russia. The first phase JV is intended to produce trains for Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway line. Chinese company will undertake to provide appropriate technologies. In October 2014, during the visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to Russia, a Russian-Chinese Memorandum of Cooperation for Moscow-Kazan HSR development was signed. The parties intend to develop the project by extending Moscow-Kazan HSR line further to Beijing and thus building up the “Moscow-Beijing Eurasian High-Speed Transport Corridor”. Moscow-Kazan HSR line will be a pilot project towards development of railway communication between Russian and Chinese capitals. Russian President Vladimir Putin treats high-speed railway communication as a priority area of Russian-Chinese cooperation. “We expect the new line to start operation as soon as 2020 and become a benchmark project for Russian-Chinese cooperation in the transport and infrastructure industry”, said Russian President in his interview to Xinhua and TASS on the threshold of his visit to China this September. Today, HSR is becoming a “call card” of Chinese mechanical engineering sector abroad, and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has won the fame of a “successful salesman” in his country. Last month, Chinese Premier invited 16 leaders of Central and Eastern European countries (CEE), who came for a China-CEE summit, to take a trip on a high-speed train from Suzhou to Shanghai. The train covered a more than 100 km distance in 20 minutes allowing the high-rank passengers to see for themselves how comfortable and convenient high-speed trains are. According to China Railway Corporation, the total length of China's in-service HSRs has currently exceeded 17,00 km with 1,800 trains. China is the world's Nr 1 by both metrics. The total HSR length is expected to reach 18,000 km by the end of 2015. Source: Russian.News.Cn

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