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28 january

Ministry of Economic Development issues a positive opinion on Moscow–Kazan HSR project; Sovereign Wealth Fund to allocate RUB150 bn; total project cost RUB1.068 tn

The Ministry of Economic Development issued a positive opinion on Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway line (HSR) project. The Sovereign Wealth Fund will allocate RUB150 bn with the total project cost at RUB1.068 tn, as Nikolai Podguzov, Russian Deputy Minister of Economic Development, informed the media. “We issued a positive opinion on Moscow-Kazan HSR project as far as last year”, said Mr. Podguzov. Alexander Misharin, First Vice President of Russian Railways and CEO of High-Speed Rail Lines, earlier told the media that Russian Railways would select the HSR designer in spring, and the design should be complete in September 2016; the initial design cost was then RUB20.9 bn. Moscow-Kazan line will be about 770 km long with trains travelling at speed of up to 400 km/h and stations at each 50-70 km. Travel time from Moscow to Kazan will be 3.5 hours against the current 14.

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