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02 march

Dvorkovich: Russia counts on Chinese investments in HSR

The Russian party counts on substantial Chinese investments in the construction of Moscow-Kazan HSR, Russia's first high-speed railway, informed Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich in an interview to Russia 24. According to him, considering the interest of Chinese partners, who have an extensive high-speed railway experience, the Russian Government decided to finance the construction. If the money is allocated, Mr. Dvorkovich added, we and our Chinese partners will complete the design in two years and proceed to construction. “Design costs will be financed both by the federal Government and Russian Railways. At the next project phase we count on substantial investments by our Chinese partners. The negotiations are, however, pending”, informed Mr. Dvorkovich. Deputy Prime Minister also remarked that the HSR will, first, link the country's large regions, and, second, give a fresh impetus to the regions' economy, produce high multiplicative effects on other industries, and deliver new competences and high technologies.

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