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07 april

Discussions on construction of section of Moscow-Kazan HSR

On March 30, the meeting of the Working Group Construction of the Expert Council on Technical Policy in the Design, Construction and Operation of High-Speed Rail Lines in the Russian Federation and the Union of Railway Constructors was held at the Center of Scientific and Technical Information and Library
Services (RZD branch). Representatives of the construction block of Russian Railways, High-Speed Rail Lines, Mosgiprotrans, Chinese company ErJuan, Roszheldorproekt, InstituteStroiproject, RZDstroy, StroyTransEnergo, Giprostroymost Institute, Lengiprotrans and others, attended the event. Altogether more than 160 people took part in the discussion. Oleg Nazarov, Deputy Director General, and Anton Doroshkevich, Head of the Engineering Structures Laboratory of the Track and Track Facilities Department represented VNIIZhT (Railway Research Institute). 
The event also allowed animated discussion of the technologies of construction of the railway roadbed, track structure, and engineering structures. Special attention was paid to the usage of the longitudinal track profile, the complexity of the construction of the roadbed with building materials, as well as the organization and technology of construction of engineering structures. In this context, experts focused on optimization of logistics, the need to master special machinery and technologies for the construction of roadbed with high degree of compaction and special lifting equipment for transportation and installation of span structures with a mass of about 1000 tons, or erecting them on site by continuous-pour method. 
The panelists also discussed the use of BIM technologies to create a design and project management and construction environment, operational planning, coordination, accounting, compliance with the newly developed regulations in the construction process as one of the key factors to achieve the goal and reduce costs. Experts also agreed on the need to create a pilot site to work out the organizational and technological documentation that reflects the optimal sequence of erecting a linear object with an indication of the technological sequence of work. At the end of the meeting, a protocol will be formed summarizing the proposals, comments and recommendations of experts.
Source: Advis.ru

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