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15 march

China showed fastest train in the world

At the Middle East Rail Expo in Dubai, China Railway Rolling Stock Company (CRRC) highlighted a passenger train that would travel at a speed of 380 km/h in its regular mode and its maximum speed would be 420 km/h. The length of the train is 29 meters, width is 3.3 meters, height is 4 meters, and axle loading is about 17 tons. The train consists of four cars with engines and four passenger cars. The passenger capacity is 556 passengers.

In addition, the report on the work of the Chinese government, prepared for the fifth session of the National People's Congress, states that China plans to invest about 116.4 billion dollars in railway construction and 262 billion dollars in the development of transport infrastructure in 2017.

 However, the compromise reached within the framework of the project to build Moscow-Kazan HSR between China and Russia is in doubt. In this regard, the launch of high-speed rail lines may be postponed. The Russian party claims that China is imposing its own technology, while Russia has its own construction solutions.

 Source: Chinalogist.ru

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