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19 march

CRRC and Sinara approve program of stage-by-stage localization of rolling stock production for HSR in Russia

CRRC (China Railway Rolling Stock Corporation) and Sinara Group approved a program for the phased localization of rolling stock for high-speed rail lines in Russia, reported a subsidiary of Russian Railways, High-Speed Rail Lines after the meeting of the Working Group on Cooperation in HSR.
Representatives of RZD and Chinese Railway signed a relevant paper. Delegations also exchanged views on the technical design of high-speed passenger and freight rolling stock and on the establishment of a joint venture. In addition, they "identified the main areas of work and issues requiring study and considered the technical design of trains and the concept of their design.
As previously reported, in June 2016, Russian Railways, China Railway, Sinara and CRRC agreed to create a joint production of rolling stock for HSR in Russia. The agreement provides for "consolidating the efforts of companies to supply orders for the procurement of at least 100 high-speed trains" capable to travel at speed exceeding 300 km/h.
The project provides for the localization of production and the organization of full servicing of high-speed rolling stock during its life cycle in Russia. According to the agreement, Sinara will organize production, and CRRC will take charge of the issues of design, standards control in production, license to use technology, as well as technical support. The document is aimed at "meeting the needs of Russian Railways in rolling stock for Moscow-Kazan HSR," Sinara noted.
In addition, according to the message of High-Speed Rail Lines, the parties discussed the design and construction of Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail line at the meeting. In particular, the meeting addressed the topics of funding the project and attracting investments for it.
In addition, the parties agreed to establish a working group to study the prospects for high-speed freight rail transport in a specialized rolling stock in the Europe-Russia-China communication. The group should study the state and prospects for the development of cross-border e-commerce between Russia and China, China and EU, the transport issue of e-commerce from China to Russia and Europe (and vice versa) by modes of transport, and conduct an analysis of the economic efficiency of the project.
Source: Finmarket

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