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23 march

Maksim Sokolov: «Moscow-Kazan HSR to showcase a safe railway in all Russia»

The high-speed rail line Moscow-Kazan (HSR) will be an example of a safe railway in all Russia. This was during a government hour in the State Duma, said the head of the Ministry of Transport of Russia Maksim Sokolov. Responding to a question of the MP from the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Mikhail Shchapov, the minister said that the HSR will have a dedicated line and will not intersect with the street road network. It is of high importance, because last year alone there were more than 2.7 thousand incidents in railway transport across the country, of which over 1.7 thousand were fatal.

The government representative agreed with the parliamentarian that one of the main reasons for the deaths of people under the train is the lack of specially equipped and safe pedestrian subways and overpasses at small railway stations. The cost of such constructions is estimated at RUB 25-150 million. At the same time, RZD refuses to allocate funds for these purposes, referring to the fact that the erection of such facilities is the responsibility of local municipalities, which just do not have money to build such constructions. Mr. Sokolov admitted that the problem existed and they had to attack it from all sides. At the same time, he assured the deputies that programs for conflict-free crossing of roads and lines were provided on all new transport routes. In this regard, first of all he mentioned Moscow-Kazan HSR.
Source: BUSINESS Online

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