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23 may

In Kazan, new station for HSR to be designed for 50 passengers

The station complex for the Moscow-Kazan high-speed rail line (HSR) will include a station for 50 passengers, two parking lots and a number of engineering facilities. This is reported in the materials of Mosgiprotrans, which designs the HSR.
According to the documents, the construction of the station Kazan-2 (near the streets of Vorovsky, Dementiev, Milya and others) will cover the area of 151 hectares.
In addition to the station, two parking lots will be built — for cars and buses, boiler, water and sewage treatment facilities. Parking space will be designed for 140 cars and for 5 buses
In the spring of 2017, the Inkazan editorial office received the photos of the future station. Kazan Media announced the construction of a large complex for the HSR, which will incorporate the station, hotel complex and shopping center. For comparative purposes, it is planned to build a first class station, with a capacity of 900 passengers in the Nizhny Novgorod region for the HSR at the station Kstovo. At the station Niva in Lyskovo there should be a third class station with a capacity of 350 passengers.
Deputy Head of Gorky Railways in the Kazan Territorial Directorate of the branch of Russian Railways Alexander Cheremnov told Inkazan that the implementation of a new railway station project would start after 2021.
Source: Inkazan.ru

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