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24 may

«Three to one»: compensatory treeplanting during construction of HSR in Kazan will amount to 164 thousand trees

The volume of compensatory treeplanting instead of the demolished during the construction of a high-speed rail line will amount to 164 thousand trees. This is stated in the materials of the environmental impact assessment in the Republic of Tatarstan during the construction of the HSR, published on the official website of High-Speed Rail Lines. "Instead of each felled tree three trees will be landed," said "BUSINESS Online" deputy head of the executive committee of Kazan Igor Kulyazhev. "They are planned to be planted on the territory of "Lebyazhy"."
"According to preliminary calculations, 54.7 thousand trees are situated in the construction zone, including 955 emergency trees. Instead of them 164.4 thousand trees are to be planted," he specified. "Also, the lawn will be re-equipped in an area of 246.8 thousand square meters."
The territory that falls into the construction zone was carefully surveyed together with the representatives of Mosgiprotrans. 64 trees are to be transplanted.
In addition, the area of "Lebyazhye" will not change because of the construction of the HSR, added the source in the city executive committee. In exchange of the sites that will be withdrawn for the construction of the rail line, part of the powder factory's site will be given to the forest park. These lands will be transferred from federal ownership to municipal property.
To minimize the impact on the forest park, the HSR here will pass along on the elevated lines with a length of 6 km, the Minister of Transport and Road Facilities of the Republic of Tatarstan Lenar Safin told BUSINESS Online.

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