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20 february

Alexander Misharin: Speed technologies to improve quality of life

Photo by: Bolshaya Moskva's photobank. Alexander Misharin, First Vice President of Russian Railways and CEO of High-Speed Rail Lines, spoke at a plenary meeting of the XIII Krasnoyarsk Economic Forum “Strategy 2030. The Image of Russia's Future”. He underlined that balanced transport infrastructure development should be a key priority of the discussed Strategy. Russian Railways is already taking efforts in that regard, with key strategic goals clearly stated in Russia's Transport Strategy through 2030. “We should ensure that infrastructure develops up to the metrics set forth in the Strategy”, said Alexander Misharin. Among the Strategy's priorities he pointed out the improvement of accessibility and quality of transport and logistics services. “We should focus on logistics improvement and use high-tech solutions to give a fresh impetus to the country's development”, he stressed. According to Mr. Misharin, the Strategy's priorities include the creation of sections with primarily passenger or freight traffic, and construction of high-speed railway lines. In a sense, HSR projects may be treated as crisis response projects. First, infrastructure investments will drive economic growth. Second, it will have both a construction effect and an agglomeration effect. Third, high-speed traffic implies high technologies. New materials and superconductivity — at a speed comfortable for a man. Such projects are sure to drive technology development and create a new quality of life”, underlined Alexander Misharin. RZD's top executive reported to the Forum on the status of Moscow-Kazan HSR pilot project. “It is Russia's first high-speed railway line, so many thing are new to us. Design works are now underway involving all Moscow's largest design institutes. Pilot launches on the line are planned for 2020. We expect Moscow-Kazan HSR to create over 370,000 jobs in various industries, set up new productions and grow an entire generation of young skilled professionals“, noted ”Alexander Misharin. Source: Bolshaya Moskva

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