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03 june

Whatever train offered to us should be produced in Russia

German and Chinese companies are competing for investment in the construction of Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway line. This is what Alexander Misharin, First Vice President of Russian Railways and CEO of High-Speed Rail Lines told Kommersant FM. Vladimir Rasulov, a radio news reporter, talked to Mr. Misharin at the International Rail Business Forum “1520 Strategic Partnership”. “In May you attended a meeting that addressed the high-speed link between Chelyabinsk and Yekaterinburg. What is the current project status and when, in theory, we will be able to get from Moscow to these cities?” “The project is at its initial phase. A management company for the facility has been set up. An investment business case should be prepared; without it the project cannot be implemented. The business case should estimate the project costs, line route, technology, speed and other important metrics to be used to develop legal and financial models. It is an important task, which, I believe, can be accomplished this year. After that, project dates and implementation rate will be defined”. “Moscow-Kazan HSR design is to be approved this summer. What is the status of the section?” — “In the end of June-July the first section's designs (i.e. for the Moscow-Nizhny Novgorod section) will be submitted for the state expert review, which will take three months. In general, design works should be completed by the year-end, if the financing is confirmed”. “How badly can the current economic situation affect the project metrics?” — “Such projects, on the contrary, can speed up economic growth and drive economic development. In my view, such projects should be a priority in the current situation to develop the industry and SME, which is favourable both for regional and overall country's growth”. “As we know, Russia will build Moscow-Kazan high-speed railway together with its Chinese partners. Are there any other foreign investors, and do we need additional foreign investments?” — “We encourage any foreign investments that meet our conditions and drive development of high-end technologies. The HSR is such a technology, so yes, German companies are active in this respect, and we have their alternative proposal, which today, as a matter of fact, can compete with the Chinese one”. “And the final question is: Two years ago, Dietrich Moeller, President of Siemens Russia, told that Siemens is ready to present a design of a train to be used on Moscow-Kazan HSR. Are there any other rolling stock options, and what can domestic manufacturers offer so that the line uses Russian-made trains?” — “Our position is that whatever train is offered to us, it should be produced in Russia through the joint venture scheme. Therefore, this job is currently done by a certain company, for example, Sinara and Ural Locomotives, who cooperate and have specific project expertise with Siemens and work with Chinese engineering companies. So today we have two alternative proposals. But the trains will anyway be Russian-made. More information at http://kommersant.ru/doc/3005739

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